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Purchase process


step 1: Found the ideal home? Time for an offer!


Have you found your dream home after thorough analysis, then it is time to make an offer.

We help you!

The offer is presented to the seller, the necessary negotiations are done.


step 2: Option


This indicates that you wish to buy a home at a certain price.

When you pay the option price, the property will be blocked for you and you or your lawyer will be given the opportunity to examine or investigate a number of matters.

During the option period you can be sure that the house will not be sold to someone else and that the agreed price is maintained.

If the sale is canceled, the option amount will be refunded.

step 3: Provisional Purchase Agreement

Contracto de promessa de compra e venda (CPCV)


Prepared by a Portuguese lawyer. Once signed, the purchase is binding for all parties involved and an advance is paid on the sale price.


step 4: Deed of purchase - escritura publica


We always recommend that a Portuguese lawyer represents your interests.

Unlike Belgium, the Portuguese notary interferes little with the content of the agreement, the lawyer is the most important person in the completion of the purchase.


Purchase process

During the purchase process, Immo-Calma takes care of all contacts

and remains your point of contact every step of the way.